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Welcome to Bespoke Business, a series of blog posts and videos entirely dedicated to business & commercial lending.

Our goal is create a knowledge bank of information & advice that self-employed business owners can use to gain a better understanding of their business & personal finances and how you can use finance to improve your businesses and personal financial position.

I personally believe that small business owners are the most overcharged and under serviced customer group in the banking system and this is something I want to change.

The motto for this series is improving cash flow & helping business grow.  I believe that the Bespoke Business series will empower business owners to take control of their finances and demand better service and a better deal from the banks.

We’ll be covering a vast array of topics within the Bespoke Business series, all of which will provide self-employed people with the information and tools you need to save money & improve your bottom line.

You can expect info & advice on the following topics;

  • Lending & Banking
    • Case studies from existing clients with proven strategies that have saved them money on their existing facilities
    • Lender & product reviews
  • Borrowing to grow or expand your business
  • Financial Planning & Insurances
    • How to protect your income & assets
    • Advice on how to secure your financial future
  • Superannuation
    • Self managed super funds SMSF
    • Case studies from our clients so you can see how they used SMSF strategies to maximise the returns from their investments
  • Interviews & advice from other industry experts

We’ll be updating the Bespoke Business series every fortnight so please like our Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin pages to ensure you get the latest updates.

We welcome your feedback and any questions, you can email me at or mobile 0417 923 766.


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