At Bespoke Finance Group we are committed to sustainability. Both within our business and across the broader community. We have partnered with Carbon Neutral, a local company that shares our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Carbon Neutral helps organisations across Australia minimise their impact on the environment by working with them to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. Bespoke is a proud member of the Plant a Tree program, which means we will plant a tree for every client that we help with a loan or financial plan.

These trees are planted in Carbon Neutral’s Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, an area of marginal farmland in the wheatbelt of Western Australia and Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink. Besides the all-important role of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, the trees and shrubs Carbon Neutral plant will help to reduce salinity, water and soil erosion. They will also provide habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo, Malleefowl and other threatened flora and fauna.

This is exciting and important work and we are proud to be involved. If you would like any more information on this project or on Carbon Neutral, please click on the link above.



Break Your Limits is a local, non-profit, triathlon club founded by Ray Lampard and based in Perth, Western Australia. It was created in 2005 out of a passion for seeing people achieve what they first thought was achievable. The club trains a huge number of professional and aspiring athletes, ranging from those looking to compete from Australia or others striving to run their first half-marathon or compete in their first triathlon. Break your limits also has huge focus on providing development pathways and coaching for junior (high school age) athletes. The BYLTA junior triathletes are all extremely talented and dedicated kids and many are already WA representatives with the potential to be future Australian representatives.

Bespoke Finance is a proud sponsor of the team at Break Your Limits and is the Primary sponsor of The Bespoke Finance BYLTA Community Fun Run that runs annually in Kings Park.

See all the Break Your Limits event photos here



In recent years we have seen a growing number of mental health cases within the life insurance industry as well as society as a whole.

Act-Belong-Commit is an important Western Australian initiative encouraging people to take action to protect and promote their mental well-being. When Bespoke Finance Group does charity work such as speaker presentations or fundraising, our donation destination of choice is Act-Belong-Commit.

Donations assist Act-Belong-Commit to:
• Progress their peer-based Youth Connectors program to regional WA
• Contribute to capacity building in the Pilbara (Roebourne,Karratha & Onslow)
• Expand the Act-Belong-Commit Schools program
• Fund the printing and dissemination of the Act-Belong-Commit Guide to Staying Mentally Healthy
• Strengthen the evidence base via further research into the principles that underpin Act-Belong-Commit and good mental health.
There is more information here: and, by clicking on the link you can give a tax deductible donation to the campaign.

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